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Cuba - A Cruising Guide - Törnliteratur

von Nigel Calder / Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson Ltd

Buchcover zu Nigel Calder / Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson Ltd


A Cruising Guide

[Taschenbuch] [Englisch]

The information in the Cuba Guide is condensed from Cuban, American and British charts, supplemented with archival materials from the British Admiralty and the DMA, and checked, tested and corrected with the latest in satellite-based chartmaking technology. A Cuba Guide sets a new standard for anyone contemplating or planning a cruise in Cuban waters. There has never been a cruising guide with sketch charts of this caliber, or with this amount of detail. With this book, the navigational mysteries surrounding Cuba are dispersed once and for all, and the island is finally opened up to full enjoyment by cruising sailors worldwide.

'Cuba: A Cruising Guide' is an indispensable guide for anyone planning a cruise in this area. In researching this guide Nigel Calder left no stone unturned. His meticulous attention to detail, which has made his other books international bestsellers, shows on every page. This new edition contains a large number of revisions, an updated introductory section and the inclusion of colour plates. There are almost 200 sketch plans with details of waypoints on every one. Nigel Calder is well known as an expert on Cuba, he has authored various textbooks on boat maintenance and contributes frequently to the yachting press.

To find up-to-date information on ports of entry see: www.gocuba.ca

Edition: 1. Edition 1999

Statements about the book:

"Nigel's guide is THE cruising guide for Cuba. It provides very detailed instructions for entering all minor and major anchorages, harbors, cities, etc."

"Detailed, accurate, and well organized."

"The most thorough cruising guide I have found."


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